• May 13, 2020

7 Things To Do Right After You Buy A Used Car

things to do right after buying a used car

There are lots of used popular vehicles to buy from both the online platform as well as from dealers.

So if you are looking forward to buying a used car then it is a good option to go with. A used car gives you both luxury and power in a small budget. Moreover, you can also choose your favorite model that is not available in the showroom anymore.

But one thing that you need to take care of is, a used car is not a new car. It means you need to work on your used car for a smooth driving experience.

Now you might probably be thinking about what to do after buying a used car?

Well to help you out here are the 7 things to do right after you buy a used car.

1.     Registration and transfer of Title: On a legal basis you cannot drive a bought used car until you are done with your registration process and transfer of title. If you are opting for an online platform like Autoreprice you need not worry. Your dealer can also make this process easier for you. So, drive only after completing this process to avoid any hassle. It requires only a few hundred dollars.

2.     Go for a trusted mechanic: Although it is good to take the help of a trusted mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. It is better to go for a post-purchase inspection as well. It will let you rectify small faults that on later stage may charge you with bigger repair bills.

3.     Change all filters: In most cases almost all of the filters need to be replaced. In some cases they can do a job for some more time. But it is advised to change them all for a smooth driving experience. It doesn’t matter whether it is an air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, transmission filter and so on it is good to replace them all.

4.     Clean properly inside out: You are unaware, how the previous owner has handled the car. Maybe there are traces of dead skin, snot, trash, or even drugs inside the car. So clean your car properly inside out and let it dry in the sunshine. Then you can use some good quality wax to make it shiny.

5.     Work on fluids: For a used car almost all the fluids need flushing or topping off. So it is better to go for it. Take good care of brake fluid and the coolant. A minor fault can lead to brake failure in the future. At last closely examine any leakage of fluid from any part.

6.     Check the tires: It is good to cross-examine the tires. If their grooves or tread are not healthy enough to go with, it is advised to replace them with new ones. As they may not able to provide proper grip on the road. They also affect the efficiency of other components to work properly. So keep all tires well inflated and in good condition.

7.     Read the Owner’s manual: It is advised to read the owner’s manual thoroughly. It will let you know about the ideal tire pressure, fuel capacity, and many other normal functioning of various parts. It will also let you know the minor problems that may occur on a regular basis along with the troubleshooting. Moreover, you will be better able to know the meaning of several codes that appear on your dashboard panel.

Conclusion: A used car is a good investment to go for. But it is not new anymore, hence it might require some repairs at an early possible level. This will prevent you from any future breakdown that may cost you a heavy bill.

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  • May 7, 2020

10 Reasons to Buy a Used Car over a New One

10 reasons to buy a used car over a new car

Today almost everyone wants to own a new car. The feeling of smooth driving with the combination of power drives one crazy to go for a long ride. Moreover, the shining body and clean interior provide a luxurious feeling.

But is it worth it to go for a new car?

Although a new car sounds the right choice, it also involves a lot of money. As a result, one needs to invest savings.

So, what is the solution?

Haven’t you thought of buying a used car?

A used car with the good condition is a nice choice to go with. It offers you almost all, as a new car did. The best thing is you need not worry about investing a lot of money.

There are many offline as well as online platforms where you can find used vehicles for sale.

Autoreprice is one of those trusted online platforms where you can buy and sell used vehicles online.

Now why to buy a used car will be the probable question you are thinking of? Let us clarify it through 10 Reasons to buy a used car over a new one,

1.) More value for money: This is one of the good reasons to go for a used car. You can get a used car at quite a low price as compared to a new car. This also means if you have a low budget you can only afford an entry-level new car. But if you prefer to go with a used car then you can afford even a luxurious car in the same budget. This helps you save a lot of money for your future.

2.) Depreciation: The moment you take your new car out on the road its value starts depreciating. It means after three years your car will lose value up to 50% of its original value. A huge loss, isn’t it? Moreover with the arrival of a new model on a yearly basis. Your car doesn’t remain new anymore. Hence depreciation at an alarming rate. To prevent this money loss it is a good option to go for a used car.

3.) Peace of mind with certified pre-owned cars: A certified pre-owned car offers a higher level of protection. It is so because it involves a manufacturer’s warranty based on time or mileage in most cases. It also includes free rental or roadside assistance especially when the car has to spend time in the shop. One thing to take care of is the CPO system varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Moreover, there is a difference in a dealer-certified car and manufacturer-certified car.

4.) Variety of cars: In a rough estimation about 350 new models of cars enter the US market for sale every year. So one of the best benefits of buying a used car is a lot of varieties to choose from. There may be some car that you intend to purchase but is no longer available in the market. In this case, you can go for used cars. Here you can easily get the car you are looking for.

5.) Data factor: It plays a crucial role in helping you find the best deal. It is a fact that the car models are redesigned every 5-7 years. It means a lot of changes that include engine, electronics, and transmission, etc. But the reliability of the new model cannot be trusted. In these cases, used cars are considered to be the best option. As with used cars, necessary data is available. Moreover, the track record of used cars speaks all about reliability.

6.) Insurance cost is less: One of the benefits of buying a used car is you need to pay less insurance cost. Typically what happens is, an insurance company needs to pay more for high-value cars in case of any damage. This means if the car is already insured and can be transferred. You got the value of money spent. But if the car is not insured still it requires little amount as compared to new.

7.) Registration fee: Some states have a registration fee based on the age or value of the car. It means lesser the value of your car or more aged the car will be lesser the registration fee. Not only this if the car passes five years then the tax bottoms out.

8.) Long life: Technology has changed a lot. So the prime focus of manufacturing industries is to put stress on making a car reliable for the long term. This means even a car runs 100,000 miles or above, it’s not an issue. It means that the car has proven its reliability and is good to go with. It has become more refined to serve a large number of miles.

9.) History report: Buying a used car also provides you full historical records of changing hands, major accidents, repairs, or past faults. There are a lot of companies that are providing this facility. You can easily identify frauds using this data. It means you are going to crack a good deal on a used car.

10.)  Good aftermarket community: When the buyers are looking for solutions with their new cars, you got an upper hand. One of the benefits of used cars is, a lot of information is available. So you need not run to dealers and spend a lot of money on minor faults. You can use the information from various trusted platforms to solve minor issues of your own. It will save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

Conclusion: People like to spend on cars after homes. This gives an idea of how bigger the automobile sector is. Buying a new car is also a good choice but only for those who had a lot of money. For most people, the budget is a prime concern. For all those people Autoreprice provides one of the best online platforms with a variety of used vehicles for sale. Now, why to buy a used car is revealed here.

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  • May 1, 2020

How To Sell Your Own Car

how to sell car privately

Selling a car is a hectic process. It requires a lot of effort to get the desired value of your car. It demands a lot of time to meet strangers and to go for back and forth negotiations.

As, this process involves the transaction of money, so there are many scams in the automotive industry.

Our purpose here is not to make you afraid. We are here to tell you the safest way to sell a car privately.

As today there are lots of platforms where you can sell your car. Online platforms are the ones that you can trust and sell a used vehicle online.

There are also many offline platforms to choose from. But these days if you are looking for a fair deal then online platforms like Autoreprice are one of the best options to go with.

Let us go, step by step on How to sell your own car?

1.) Documents: The first step in selling a car involves the documentation. It involves Registration certificate (RC), Insurance, Invoice of the car, ownership manual, Application of insurance transfer, maintenance and service records, etc.

There are some optional documents. These include copies of oil changes, new tires if any, repairs, services, and so on. If you present them all to a buyer, it puts a good impression. It will let the buyer know that you are a good owner. It will also put an impression on the buyer that the car was in trusted hands.

If you had taken good care of all these documents, you can sell your car easily and rapidly at the price close to your expectation. If you don’t have some documents you can easily arrange them. For example if you don’t have maintenance and service records.

You can easily get their copies from the service center via email or by some other link. You can also give their contact information to the buyer. This will further assure your honesty to the buyer and will help you with getting good value for your car.

2.) Decide your selling price: After getting your documents ready decide the amount that you are seeking for. This is another crucial step that gives you the clarity to close the deal right on the spot. The fact is sometimes a seller is approached by a potential buyer. Then what happens is, the lack of clarity regarding the price becomes a hindrance in closing a deal.

As a result a seller loses an opportunity of a fair deal. This is where we concentrate on. We decide the price on a preliminary basis with the approval of the seller and then proceed further.

If you are not sure about the price then you can approach dealers for the same. You can also use online platforms where you can get the approximate market value of your car. All you need to do is to insert some information regarding your car.

3.) Clean your car: Few buyers will show interest in your car if your car doesn’t look good. So the best way to go with is to clean your car inside out. you can,

  • Get dents and scratches removed if any.
  • Wax your car for getting a shine on a surface.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean inside properly.
  • Use some good air freshener.

Doing this all will increase the chances of getting the price of your choice.

4.) Get good quality pictures: When it comes to the ad section. Get some good quality pictures of your car. Take pictures from outside as well as inside to ensure that all parts are covered. Also take good care of taking pictures from all angles to increase your chances of closing the deal rapidly.

As when a buyer will see these pictures, it will provide an assurance that the car is in good condition to go with. Moreover it also generates a fear of missing out an opportunity in the mind of buyers. It helps in accelerating the selling process at a good price.

5.) Creating and posting Ad: After taking pictures it’s time to advertise. Create a good quality ad by posting various pictures and necessary information regarding your car. It will let the buyer, have all the required information in hands.

While posting ads, choose the right platform where a large number of peoples are able to view and read it. You can also choose some online car selling platforms to get the best deal. It will help you to post your ad without any hard effort and will help to arrange a potential buyer.

Also keep in mind to provide accurate contact information, in case if the potential buyer wants to contact you.

6.) Paperwork and money transfer: when all of the processes are completed the final step is to close the deal with the buyer. Once the buyer is ready for the test ride, you can verify the buyer’s license number for the safety of your car. You can ride along to assure the safety of your car.

Once this process is completed, it’s time to go with the final paperwork. This includes transfer of the ownership and money.

This is one of the most crucial parts, where you need to show some agility and alertness. If you have chosen an online platform like Autoreprice, then you need not worry.

As here the price is predefined. But if you are selling in person you have to deal with the process of negotiation. Keep one thing in mind, stay centered with an approximate price, and don’t let the pressure to settle for low.

The next thing to take care of is money. As this process involves a lot of money so always go with cash or a certified check before handing papers.

Conclusion: The safest way to sell a car privately is to go for some trusted online platform or local dealer. If you are going to sell a used vehicle online, then it is one of the best options to go with. It doesn’t require any back and forth negotiations that can drive you crazy to close the deal with a loss.

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  • April 24, 2020

20 Car Selling Mistakes You Should Avoid

20 car selling mistakes to avoid

Selling a car is not an easy task to perform. It requires some background knowledge to crack the right deal without being becoming a victim to a scam.

As there are millions of scammers out in the market and most of the scams happen in automotive transactions. Moreover the selling process involves a lot of money and documentation so it is advised to take utter care.

Selling a car is also one of the hectic processes that involve a lot of back and forth negotiations before you finally close a deal. It requires tactics to get the right value for your car.

To avoid this all one of the best options is to sell cars online. There are many online platforms where you can buy and sell cars online without any worries. AutoReprice is one such platform that provides you a fast and efficient way to buy and sell autos.

We care for you and are presenting you with  20 car selling mistakes you should avoid.

1.     Not knowing value: It is beneficial to know the approximate value of your car before selling. This will prevent you from loss of money by selling it at a lower price. You can use online platforms or contact dealers to know the market value of your car.

2.     Having misconception: If you are diving in for selling your car thinking that your car is better than everyone else’s. It is not a good move as selling a car is just a business transaction.

3.     Going for repair: Avoid going for heavy repair costs before selling or trading in your car as it will not increase the value of your car. But if the repair costs less and the buyer is knocking more money, then you can go for it.

4.     Not sure with pricing strategy: While going for selling, be clear with your price. Have a figure in your mind so that you don’t lose your emotional ground during negotiations.

5. Not considering trade-in: In many states, the sales tax you pay is based on the difference between the new car’s price and the trade-in value of your existing car. Now if the sales tax rate is higher or trading in value is higher then go for trade-in.

6.     Accepting sales contracts without reading: Sometimes the material in the contract is different from what is being told, so read it before signing.

7.     Don’t be in a hurry: Going with the first offer creates doubts in the mind of the buyer about your car. Also, you lose chances of getting more value. So be patient and go with the best offer.

8.     Losing your ground in pressure: There arise certain situations when buyers become pushy and try to manipulate you to close deals on lower prices. Be consistent, take a review, and prepare to deal with buyers, especially with known ones.

9.     Accepting devalued offer in the end: It is common that some salespeople or dealers go for valuation, then use clauses to lock the deal and then undervalue car when you are going for signing paperwork for a new car. Unless you are provided with a concrete reason for devaluation, do not close the deal.

10.  No idea about getting the title from a lender: Lenders are having their own procedures and time frames. It is better to give yourself some time in advance so that you can deal effectively with the potential buyers.

11.  Not considering wash: Beauty attracts eyes, so taking your vehicle for sale without proper washing and waxing can reduce the value of the car.

12 Not taking advantage of free advertising: Today in the world of internet lot of platforms are available where you can advertise your car. This helps you in getting a good value.

13.  Not caring about inquiries from buyers: When going for selling cars, make sure to respond to queries from potential buyers. This will avoid good deals to slip from your hands. As not responding timely, may let them give up, thinking, that the car is sold.

14 Providing inaccurate information: Be sure with the information that you are going to provide during an advertisement. Providing less or false information will not favor you by any means. So don’t exaggerate or lie about your car details.

15.  Not caring about pictures: Posting pictures of clean and waxed car can help you to crack a deal of your choice. So post quality pictures from every angle to close the deal rapidly. As only a few buyers will be interested in buying your dirty car.

16.  Not posting warranty: If your car is carrying a current factory warranty or any third party extended service warranty it is a good choice to post it. It helps you in getting fair deals rapidly.

17.  Not having complete documents: Carrying complete documents while selling your car is a good idea. If you miss any of the documents apart from the main documents like maintenance records, it will go against you.

18.  Sharing more personal information: Selling a car is just a business transaction. It only involves some basic information. But if buyer or dealer demand for more personal information especially related to your bank accounts other then account number for the transaction, just go away.

19.  Avoid giving test drive beyond your reach: Before giving a test drive to a buyer, make sure to ride with a buyer, and keep buyers’ original identity with you. This will protect you from a car loss or money loss if the car gets damaged during the ride.

20.  Victim to a scam: The final part of selling a car is money transfer along with ownership transfer. It is better to go with cash. If the buyer is not willing to pay in cash, then you can choose another payment but make sure that you received the decided amount in your account before handling papers.

Conclusion: When you buy or sell cars online you are always under the radar of scammers. Selling a car online involves a lot of effort. Many things need to be considered before making a deal. If you don’t consider it, you may easily fall victim to a scam. To help you out with this AutoReprice has presented you top hacks that will help you in smoothly selling your car.

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  • April 16, 2020

9 Things To Consider Before Buying A High Mileage Car

things to know before buying a high mileage car

Today almost everyone wants to own a car. This is the reason why, one likes to spend on cars after investing in a place to live. Cars have their own categories and accordingly they vary in price.

           Now what happens in most of the cases is, the price of luxurious cars is high for a normal buyer. So the preference is laid on buying high mileage cars or in simple words used cars.

           When the word high mileage came in mind, one generally confused about what high mileage really means. Well, there is not any scientific definition for this, but generally you must know that when a car typically covers 12,000 – 15,000 miles a year. It is considered in the average category. But if it is driven beyond that in a year then it falls in high mileage category.

           So, if you are looking forward to buying a high mileage car then AutoReprice is a platform with high mileage cars for sale.

           But wait there are some factors that you should consider before buying high mileage cars, Let us proceed with all you need to know:

  • Condition: The first thing to consider is the wear and tear. You must look for any kind of abrasion like rust, scratches, dents on the outer body and cracks on internal accessories. Take some time to examine loose headliners, as worn out headliners cause visibility problems and are difficult to repair. Check the condition of tires properly as they cost much if they had to be replaced, check whether the grooves in tires are in good condition to go with. Most tires are available with treadwear grade and warranty that gives you an idea of the averages miles a tire can handle.
  • Engine: Apart from the appearance Engine is the main part where you need to concentrate on. To judge the condition of an engine you can perform a Compression test. This will help you in identifying the optimum performance and in detecting mechanical faults. If the compression is high then you are good to go with but if it is low then you need to deal with the repair cost. No cylinder should be below 100 psi and the difference in pressure between the cylinders must not exceed 10%.

If you don’t have proper knowledge then it is better to take help from a professional mechanic for examining engines for you.

  • Transmission: Check whether the transmission is manual or automatic. If it is manual then it is good to go with a minor inspection. But if it is automatic then you should go for a detailed inspection. As in the case of 100,000-mile mark repair costs are high in case of automatic transmission. In most cases it needs to be replaced that could cost thousands of dollars.
  • Car history: It is better to double-check the history information of a car using online platforms. You can go for registration detail, service record, Insurance claims, ownership record, etc. Check for any changes made in the odometer. It is better to go with a trusted online platform or dealer to avoid falling for a scam.
  • Check the amount of burning oil: With a dipstick note the reading and examine blackness of tailpipe. Check if the car is burning the right amount of oil. If it is exceeding its usual limit then the engine is pilled-up with carbon layers. This is not a good sign as it will affect car mileage.
  • Smoke test: If the car is emitting blue and excessive smoke, it is an indication that the car is burning a lot of oil.

If the smoke is black in color, then there is a problem with the fuel system which is an indication of unburned fuel.

If the smoke is white in color it means antifreeze is burning. This is a sign of head gasket failure.

  • Maintenance schedule: when it comes to major maintenance services most of the manufacturers recommend a 30,000 – 60,000 – 90,000-mile schedule. It should be taken into consideration that if a car is due for one of these then it’s going to cost a lot. Especially if the due is for 90,000 miles then it is going to put a heavy load on your pocket. So be wise and check this factor before closing a deal.
  • Resale value: One of the good things with high-mileage cars is there is very little difference between the price of a car with 90,000 miles and a car with 120,000 miles. It means when you are going for a resale of your car after some time, you are not going to face huge losses as in the case of a new car. The value of a new car starts depreciating rapidly from the time it comes out from the showroom. This means you can enjoy inexpensive 20,000 – 30,000 miles.
  • Hidden Red flags: When you are in the market for buying high mileage cars it is difficult to identify every pitfall. But if you have some knowledge, your task becomes easier. One of the things you should go for is to look for a salvage title or serious accident of car. As cars with these kinds of damages in the past are going to give more trouble than they are worth. Make sure that doors, trunk, hood, etc. align when closed. Check if the battery is in good condition. Check fuel pump, water pump, timing belts.

Have a survey under the hook to make sure that the engine compartment is rust free and is full of clean fluids. You can use a magnet to identify original metallic body panels, If they have re-built then in most of the cases a fiberglass filler substance like Bondo should have been used. Finally go for a test drive and look for any misbalance or difficulty in driving smoothly.

Conclusion: Buying a high mileage car is a good choice to go with if the purchase is made carefully from a trusted online platform. This process requires some knowledge about cars but is simplified by AutoReprice that provides you the best.

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  • April 9, 2020

Is Buying A Used Car Good Investment?

know if buying a used car good options

Apart from home, your car could be the most expensive purchase you’ve ever made. Buying used cars is a worthy investment in your everyday commute. It is always a better feeling to purchase a brand new car than going in for a second hand one but it certainly makes financial sense to buy a used car. Not only do they save money on the ex-showroom price, but they also save lots of taxes that add to the period a car is registered.

Sales of used cars have risen tremendously and this is changing the automotive industry scenario. Today the used cars are sold more than the new ones. For many reasons, people in almost every city tend to have used cars rather than new ones. It is not so easy to meet the Expenditures when you are living in a metropolitan city, Living costs are relatively high in metropolitan cities, it is also a big reason so people choose used vehicles over the new ones.

We have collected some of the reasons to help you in deciding Is a used car good to buy? 

1) Better Price Tag: If you’re always dreaming of a certain car but couldn’t get it because of price problems, looking for a used car would certainly help you fulfill that dream. Old cars are always much cheaper than new cars. In the used car market, your hard-earned money will carry you a lot more than if you were buying new ones. It is one of the biggest pros of buying a second-hand car.

2) Reduced Cost of Insurance: For the first few years, vehicles have a high insurance premium while the same goes down with years going by. You will save up to half the cost on your insurance premium even though you’re looking for a vehicle with 2 years on its life cycle. To prevent the increase in insurance premiums try to look for cars without an accidental background.

3) Warranty: You do get a warranty on the vehicle when you buy a used car from a company owned utility car outlet. This warranty, however, comes with a certain limit and it covers all miles you travel in a specified period.

4) Low-Interest Rate: Used vehicles are sold by most licensed car dealers, with better interest rates. They have a lower purchase price, which further reduces the loan balance by a wide margin.

5) Low Depreciation Rates: A newly bought vehicle depreciates at a rate greater than an old car and that’s where you’re going to make a profit. With each passing month and mile, cars lose a certain value. But the biggest drop in value happens in the first year and it is close to 40 percent. When buying an old car, you do not have to face any such massive depreciation.

6) Sales Tax: Most car advertisements usually gloss over the tax issue. Most state regulations impose taxes on new car sales but no taxes are imposed on used vehicles. That means old car buyers will save a lot of money.

7) Modern Used Cars Last Longer: In 2018 the demand for used vehicles is much higher than it used to be. That’s because we’ve reached a new age of technology and sustainability and even the oldest cars are made to last in the modern generation.

8)Tension-free drive 24×7: A used car comes with benefits of its own. The primary advantage would be the sensation of driving tension-free, without the jitters having the first crack or scrape, something that is prone to only a brand new vehicle.

With substantial savings along with registration and warranty insurance, you are now having almost all the advantages in a used car that one can expect when buying a new one. And if you want to sell it in the future, it won’t hurt your pocket much by spending less money than with a new vehicle.

As it seems much more convenient to buy a used car, you can look for your dream car at autoreprice.com for complete peace of mind. The website list only new conditioned perfectly running cars. Shopping at Autoreprice makes sure you have a high-quality vehicle that meets the requirements of a company already specializing in cars. All vehicles pass performance, quality and durability tests. So Autoreprice will help you to save money without compromising on quality and performance.

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  • April 2, 2020

7 Things To Know Before Buying A Second-Hand Car

tips to buy a second hand car

The automobile industry is rapidly evolving and the prices for cars are only rising. Every year new cars get more costly, making them a very high buying option for the common person. So 

There are many more advantages of buying a used car, people buy used cars for an obvious reason: it is cheaper than a new one, Anybody with a tight family budget enjoys the need to save a small amount of cash whenever possible, therefore Buying a used car can be a wise investment when a new vehicle is needed. 

The used cars are not necessarily vehicles of low quality. Many have long-lasting engines that provide service for several years after purchase. You should know the following 7 things before you head out to buy a used car to make the best possible decision:

1. Research Used Cars and Prices

 You should research the price of the used car locally available in classifieds and on the websites. By doing so you can compare the price of your desired vehicle in the different areas of your city. 

Most of the people list their used vehicle on eBay, So you can also check on how much the car has sold on eBay for the last 30 days. You can show the dealer what other dealers sold this car for this month so they can’t use diversionary tactics to trick you on a higher price.

2. Validate Ownership. 

This is true particularly if you are dealing with a person and not a dealer. Make sure whoever sells the car to you is actually the real owner. There are plenty of scams that can happen as many people sell theft cars on the market as well.

3. Review the Vehicle History Report.

The used car has a story back to it which can not be overlooked. Proof of serious internal damage to the vehicle may be included in the report. You can run a vehicle history report with companies like CARFAX and AutoCheck once you have the vehicle identification number or VIN. Find it a red flag if a dealer or seller is unwilling to provide the VIN.

4. Have the Car Inspected

    Even if you run a vehicle history report, it is always important to have a mechanic inspect the car to identify possible issues, such as leaks, and to decide whether the vehicle was in an unreported accident.

Let the professional Mechanic look at the car before making a purchase. That doesn’t mean the seller is trying to make you fool, the seller might not know about any of the issues. Pre-inspection can reveal some problems underneath the hood.

5. Always test drive the car.

You have to spend some time behind the wheel of the car you’re considering buying. That helps you to get an idea of how the car as a driver reacts to you. Demand that the test drive includes the highway, a side street, and areas where cornering or turning would be appropriate.

6. Take a Look at Some of the Reviews.

There are several auto-related websites with reviews of different models like used cars where you can check reviews for your dream vehicle. Checking these comments is a little bit more customer awareness, but it will be well worth it.

7. Be prepared to walk away

Don’t go into the sale that day with the intention of buying the car. Being too quick to make the transaction can place you in a position to accept an offer you aren’t really happy with or compromise for something that can cause more trouble down the way. Be prepared to shop around, so that you won’t be forced to purchase a car that may not suit you, No matter how good the deal is.
Buying a used car online takes the same amount of patience and caution when you’re looking for a brand new one. The prudence you demonstrate will get its advantages later on. You’ll end up with a car that’s just right for you and provides you with the kind of transport you want. The more you look into its information, the more use you can make of the car.

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  • March 25, 2020

How to Disinfect your Car From The Coronavirus

sanitize your car from viruses

With initial detection in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China the word Coronavirus came in news. But within a short span of time, it starts spreading its roots all over the world. It spread so rapidly that within a few days it took thousands of lives and is responsible for infecting peoples on a large number.

Now the question is what is Coronavirus?

According to the World Health Organization Coronavirus is a virus that causes a disease named Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). COVID-19 is an infectious disease that infects peoples. The infected person will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness but the person’s own immunity helps to recover properly, without any special treatment. This disease is dangerous for persons with medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer.

Now the question is how to prevent oneself from this deadly disease and especially your cars with who you remain in touch all the time?

No worries Auto Reprice is there to help you prevent the spreading of infection, by providing you suitable information to protect your car from coronavirus.

For this, you need to sanitize the car properly.

You washed your car and think your job is done! If this is what you are thinking, you need to be aware that Coronavirus sticks to the surface and can remain active for even about 2-3 days on plastic and steel used in the car.

So what to do?

Just take a sanitizer, not the one that you use regularly on your hands, as it costs much. But instead, use a surface disinfectant with isopropyl alcohol and use it on the entire interior properly. There are some parts that you should take on high priority.

·       Door Handles and windows controls

·       Steering wheel and Gearstick

·       Dashboard, Touchscreen, and other control buttons.

Not only this, you should disinfect your keys, seat belts and every other place or the part where its a possibility of touch, you should also clean your seats and covers properly.

At last, do not forget to disinfect the HVAC unit as it circulates air in the cabin and can even carry viruses along with it. The best solution to prevent this situation is to deep clean the whole system right down to the air filter.

           You need to consider some points during the process of disinfecting your car from Coronavirus:

·       Do not go for any simple bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the interior of your vehicle. This may certainly kill the virus but will cause damage to the vinyl and plastic used in your vehicle.

·       Never go for ammonia-based cleaning products as this can breaks the vinyl on the dashboard thus making it sticky when further exposed to heat and light.

·       Not only this, do not use any glass cleaner as it causes damage to anti-glare coatings of your display panels.

At last, always carry sanitizer in your car and use it regularly to prevent your hands from getting infected.

Remember one thing, although this process will take some time, it will save you and your family from this deadly virus.

Conclusion: Cleaning is always the best option of any disinfection process as it removes organic matter and certain disease-causing germs. This technique always works when used effectively taking into account the necessary precautions. Auto Reprice appeals to you to clean your vehicle properly using the technique told to you. This process of sanitizing a car will help you to protect you and your family from Coronavirus.

Stay clean, stay safe!

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  • March 23, 2020

5 Tips for Selling a Used Car Online

tips for selling car online - autoreprice

You buy a new car; you are very excited and love to go for a long ride, where you can enjoy its power and smoothness.

But with the time you start losing interest, and you don’t want to drive it anymore.

Why so, what is the problem now?

The problem is, with the time you get bored driving that same car, Moreover your car doesn’t provide you that same smoothness and excitement that was at the initial phase.

So, what to do now?

It is simple, just sell your used car online. For this, you can register with Auto Reprice and begin your journey to buy and sell cars online.

Now your mind will be busy with questions like, is it safe to trust online platforms where a lot of money is involved?

You don’t need to worry about this, as AutoReprice is considered to be a hassle-free and trusted platform where every documentation process is taken care of. Moreover, every process is carried out legally.

Still worried!

Let’s understand the ease of this process with 5 important tips for selling a used car online

1.       Picture:  It is a common saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. A good picture of a clean and tidy car, with different angles both from inside and outside, will help you to grab a deal easily and quickly. It also helps you with getting the price of your choice online.

2.       Description: A Part that describes what you are selling. One of the things, to consider in this part is not to write long stories. Just go with the important points in this section, that clearly cover all the basic points like Brand, Model, Manufacturing year, Gear transmission (whether automatic or manual), Miles coverage, Your price, Contact information and so on.

3.       Paperwork: It plays a crucial role in selling a car. It is common, that a buyer will be a little scared of buying a car due to some legal issues. But if you made yourself available with required documents like legal documents for selling a car, Current assurance status, your updated car registration certificate, and other important documents. You are good to go for a hassle-free online sale.

4.       Right place:  When you want to sell used cars online, you need to pick the right platform that is dedicated to this profession and makes the process easy and transparent for you. As this process involves a lot of money, so a trusted platform is the right choice to make. When Trust is one of the main factors, then why not to go with Auto Reprice, whose reviews speaks all.

5.       Ready to Display: “Beauty always attracts eyes, it doesn’t need any description”. So now, you are done with all the proceedings and finally, the buyer is going to have a look at your car physically. But what will happen, if he is not satisfied with the look and feels he has, with your posted pictures?

Obviously, the buyer will not buy your car. So what to do?

It’s simple just clean your car properly both from inside and outside, add some nice fragrance. Just give it a new feel and close your deal.

Conclusion: Today, the online platform is the easiest and trusted platform where you can buy and sell cars online. As with these platforms, you need not go out physically in search of the right peoples to sell your used car. A platform like Auto Price is the place where your search ends, as here you can easily sell your used car online with the price of your choice.

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  • February 2, 2020

Buying or Selling cars? Your options are Classified Sites (strangers, negotiations, scams) or dealers (lose thousands in trade-ins) but wait…AutoReprice.com is here as a new option for you.

buy and sell car hassle free on AutoReprice

Selling or purchasing cars has never been easy thanks to Craigslist, cars.com and other sites such as this but scams await the unwary. You should know what anyone should know before making an auto trade on Craigslist cars.com and other sites. Purchasing and selling cars on these sites can be somewhat money-saver for both parties. With so several people exchanging so many cars for so much cash, it was only a matter of time before the criminal portion took notice. Now a lot of scams are being done on these sites which are the thing to worry about.

On Craigslist cars.com and other sites, Fraudulent postings are now a very common occurrence. The crudest efforts are easily ignored, but some schemes are more complicated. Usually scams are done by clever, experienced con men that have reply for everything. Stolen checks, counterfeit checks and bounced checks are costing people the money, cars or both. In one popular scam, the purchaser pays more by money order or cashier’s check than was asked for and asks you to refund them the overage. If you send them the money before the money order clears the bank, you are brave than you are smart. These money orders often become counterfeit and any money sent them is lost forever. Purchasing and selling cars can be done securely, but these are large ticket items and several sellers have reported at least one suspicious response to a posting.

Buying or Selling cars? Your options are Classified Sites (strangers, negotiations, scams) or dealers (lose thousands in trade-ins) but wait…AutoReprice.com is here as a new option for you.

To help you recognize suspicious purchasers or sellers, we will tell you a few of the warning signs. Nowadays if you go on these sites, you will usually find some things that are signs of scams such as Cars are priced far below current market value. The seller says to be in the military and is stationed overseas. The posting does not contain a phone number. The seller will ask that you use an online escrow service of their choice. The person getting the call is referred to as a “pickup agent.” Payment should be wired to or from another country. Western Union is frequently requested. The purchaser or seller is very worried to conclude the transaction.

Why Autoprice.com is better?

AutoReprice.com’s main purpose is to offer an honest and fun purchasing and selling experience for automobiles. Our unique and patent awaiting pricing model makes the whole purchasing and selling experience fair for both parties. Sellers get the advantage of selling vehicles at the highest possible cost without having to deal with many strangers or losing thousands of dollars with the dealers whereas purchasers get clear cut pricing where they can obtain good deals and can reserve the vehicle to buy. We offer World-class security, Purchase protection, and all other security to our users.

for buyers

  • safe and secure environment
  • honest & unique pricing model
  • amazing deals
  • hassle-free buying experience
  • detailed information
  • fast & efficient buying

for sellers

  • registered buyers
  • no back & forth negotiations
  • guaranteed deals & price
  • avoid strangers
  • save time
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